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 We respect the privacy of our visitors..









MTI respects your privacy. This document outlines the ways that our Web site may collect information from you.

Browsing the Site
Generally speaking, you can visit any page of the Web site without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information.

There are portions of the Web site that do request personal information:
Members Only Pages
Some sections of the Web site are reserved for members only. To access the member-only pages of the site, you will need to enter your
ID and password, as well as have cookies enabled in your browser. This information is used to confirm that you are a member in good standing before displaying these limited-access pages.

The information in the members-only section is for the use of MTI members only. This information should not be shared with non-members or for promotional purposes.

Web Form and Order Form Pages
Other portions of the site require personal information like your name, mailing address, phone numbers, and e-mail address. The information that you type in these forms is necessary to complete the action which the page is used for. We utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layers), an advanced online encryption system, for your safety.

This Web site uses cookies to provide member-only access to certain portions of the site as well as to complete online transactions. A cookie is a text file, stored on your computer, that includes identifying information that can be retrieved later.

To increase security and privacy, we use "Session" cookies only—that is, the cookies at MTI Web site work only during your current visit. Information is not saved for future visits.

Links to Other Sites
MTI Web site includes links to other Web sites. MTI is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those sites. You should always read the privacy policy at a Web site before revealing any personal information.

Policy Changes
We will inform you of any changes to our Web policies by posting a notice on our Web site. Those changes will go into effect on the date posted in the notice. The new policy will apply to everyone using our Web site and will replace any prior policies.
















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