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 Telecom Infrastructure..






Telecom infrastructure Architecture requires evaluation & selection of the available solutions that address the specific business requirements.

The Architecture should address short and long-term needs, demographics & budget.

MTI has extensive experience and resources in the field including Wireless, Optical & ATM.

 Networking and Data Centres






 Telecom Billing

MTI has extensive experience in the networking LAN & WAN field providing services in design, modelling, planning, integration, implementation, and management for government agencies and corporations.

 L2/3/4 Switching, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, SONET & Token Ring
 VPN, Frame Relay, leased lines, DSL, ISDN and ATM
 HP-Open View, Cisco Works, NetSys, Lucent Vital Suite
 Data Centers, Web-casting, Video Conferencing
 Radius, TACACS+
 Wireless solutions, 802.11

MTI has extensive experience in Telecom Billing including Architecture, design and modifying  existing platforms.

Having successfully developed various systems in highly visible Telecom environments, we offer a large scope of Telecom Billing knowledge & Solutions.

  Carrier Billing 
  Subscriber Billing 

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