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 Requirements Management.




 Development Life Cycles.

Nowhere does our agility serve us better than in the area of requirements management.

We realize that in today's rapid changing environment, requirements are constantly evolving. Be it a change in the market conditions, new announcement by the competition, or simply a better understanding of the problem at hand; change happens.

The long-standing practice of freezing a rigid set of requirements at the beginning of a project is not longer valid; if it ever was. Data collection, analysis, and translation into requirements is a continuous process running throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Adopting the right lifecycle is critical. Whether it is a classic or spiral waterfall, rapid prototype, Rational Unified Process, Rapid Application Development or even Extreme Programming, one must choose the appropriate lifecycle of the project.





We recognize this need to be flexible, and have mastered the art of balancing inevitable changes to requirements, with the discipline and rigor needed to bring projects to completion.

Choosing the wrong lifecycle can often lead to failure.

Once chosen, we continuously monitor the project for lifecycle related problems and quickly act to modify or replace ones that are no longer appropriate.

In MTI we adopt 3 basic types of Software Development LifeCycle [SDLC].

We choose the one that is suits the business problem at hand.

 Configuration Management.

The reality of today's marketplace mandates that software developers effectively manage simultaneous project releases, concurrent development and multiple versions in the field at any one time and coordinate large geographically distributed project teams.

Without a sold organizational commitment to configuration management, these factors can put serious stress on a development organization.

MTI's powerful configuration management processes and tools, help organizations avoid these stresses and deliver their projects successfully.


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